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Move-In and Move-Out Procedures
1. Move-in and Move-outs will be allowed Monday – Friday during one of two hour blocks; 
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM,  No exceptions will be permitted. 
2. A non-refundable fee of $150.00 shall be paid in advance for the semi-exclusive use of the 
building service elevator for a period of no longer than 4 hours.
3. A building deposit of  $1000.00 must be paid at the time of reservation. The building 
manager will refund this deposit subject to follow up inspection.
4. All move-in and move-outs must be scheduled with the front desk at least 48 hours prior to 
the actual date and is based on availability.
5. No more than 2 move-in or move-outs will be scheduled in any one-day.
6. A copy of the moving company insurance certificate must be on-file in the building 
manager’s office prior to the move date. In lieu of this certificate an additional deposit 
of $1,000 will be required prior to the move date.
7. No items may be carried through the lobby or other public areas of the building during the 
move in/out process.
8. Only the Service Elevator is to be used for the move in/out process. The normal passenger 
elevators are not to be used to move any materials, boxes, or other items.
9. The building manager should be notified immediately in the event there is any damage to the 
10. The manager of the building reserves the right to deny access to the building to any moving 
company, organization or individual it deems unfit to carry out these procedures.
11. No move-ins are allowed until proof of ownership is presented to the Management Office
Moving trucks may not be larger than 35-feet long and 11.5-feet in height,  No 18-wheeler 
trucks are allowed.  Trucks will not be allowed access onto Brickell Key after 5:00PM,

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